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Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial Massage is not just for athletes; anyone leading an active, healthy life could benefit from this type of massage to keep their body in check.

In fact, the regular use of a sports massage therapy can prevent a variety of injuries.

Pre Treatment

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Sports & Remedial Massage is an essential part of any rehabilitation or sports training programme.  The maintenance of efficient muscle performance and flexibility allows the body to recover and develop at an accelerated rate. The regular use of a sports massage therapy can prevent many forms of musculoskeletal injuries & issues by detecting muscle fatigue, postural imbalances, inflexibility and minor strains and sprains. Sports and remedial massage encompasses a variety of techniques to restore muscle tension and musculoskeletal function.

Client Consultation
We take a brief medical history and identify the reason for the treatment. We recommend clients to arrive a few minutes early as this forms part of the first treatment.

Postural & Bio-Mechanical Assessment
We may carry out a postural or bio-mechanical assessment to access global muscles and their effects on the presented symptoms and conditions.

Treatment Plan
Following an assessment, we provide the client with a treatment plan and timescales to achieve the desired goals.

What Sports Massage Can do:
- Provides pain relief in problematic areas (back, neck, shoulders)
- Relieves muscular tensions in tired and damaged muscles
- Promotes recovery from injury
- Improves postural imbalances
- Improves and stimulates circulation which      reduces swelling
- Reduces stress and anxiety adding relaxation
- Improves tissue flexibility and joint mobility
- Improves sports performance through pre & post massage
- Prevents Injury
- Improves health and wellbeing
- Anti-natal and post-natal care
- Reduces scar tissue during injury rehabilitation

Massage Techniques:

Swedish Massage
Effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, vibration and shaking/rocking are all techniques used to help with circulation, drain muscle waste and bring back functionality whilst helping you feel better.
Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release is a non-invasive, gentle hands-on soft tissue technique that works on the fascia to release restrictions. This technique takes the pressure off pain sensitive structures such as nerves and blood vessels, and restores alignment and mobility to muscles and joints.
Soft Tissue Release (STR)
STR is a dynamic and a highly effective technique used to normalise and bring back functionality on muscles and connecting tissues. STR aids by elongating the tissue, softening the area of tension and breaking up scar tissue.
Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
MET uses gentle manual contractions to relax, lengthen soft tissues and normalise joint function. This technique is used to treat postural imbalances and injury rehabilitation.
Trigger Point Therapy
This is used to alleviate hypersensitive areas in soft tissues through cycles of compression and release. This technique can help manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.
Positional Release
Positional release helps to relieve pain and discomfort by placing an area of the body into a position of “ease”. This helps resolve musculoskeletal dysfunction.


Following treatment home care and remedial advice is provided which forms part of your treatment plan.

This may include stretches, functional exercises and health tips to do at home, all of which can help restore wellness, strength, flexibility and awareness within tissues and joints.

Advice For a greater sense of wellbeing

- Drink at least 1 to 2 litres of water daily to support the body functions.
- Chose a healthier eating plan best suited to you and your lifestyle.
- Eat a balanced diet of foods you like.
- Include a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, essential fats, minerals and proteins each day.
- Add some herbs & spices to eperience their powerful properties.
- Avoid processed foods.
- Take good quality health supplements to support your diet & lifestyle.
- Aid your gut heath to support your brain health and other systems. 
- Move more, take up regular exercise.
- Include stretching into your exercise regime.
- Do activities you enjoy.
- Enjoy the benefits of 'forest bathing' (popular in Japan 'shinrin-yoku')
- Be positive, laugh & be happy.
- Learn something new every day.
- Take time out to relax.
- Be mindful to be in the moment.
- Try to practice Meditation, Yoga or such like.
- Take time out from digital devices.
- Avoid your digital devices several hours prior to sleeping.
- Soak away muscle tension & stress in a hot salt bath.
- Infuse essential oils to promote calm & relaxation.
- Aim for 8 hours sleep each night.
- Go easy on yourself.
- Be kind to others & our planet.


Sports & Remedial Massage
45 Mins
Sports & Remedial Massage
60 Mins
Sports & Remedial Massage
90 Mins
Medical Acupuncture - Add On to above Massage


Okey Eze

Uju Eze

Other treatments to compliment

Medical Acupuncture, Rehabilitation, Movement Training


“Uju manages to combine professional understanding with firmness and can therefore deal sensibly with whatever athletic ambitions – or physical shortcomings - you may have. 

She herself is graceful and knowledgeable and will suggest new exercises or routines for you to try – all of which she can demonstrate faultlessly. If I lived in the UK I would happily sign up with Uju for regular training.”

“An incredibly meticulous professional that deserves 10 stars! Couldn’t recommend him more highly and would suggest anyone to have the pleasure of a massage from Okey!!!”

“I was feeling very middle-aged when I started training with Uju about 6 years ago and during that time she has encouraged me from complete inactivity to running half marathons, regular exercise and cycling with the benefit of losing 20 lbs in the process. 

She tailors an exercise plan to the individual, focussing on mobility, posture, balance and the natural movement of joints and muscles. She also considers diet and mental attitude as part of an holistic approach to improving health and fitness. 

In conjunction with this she is an expert in remedial massage. The training sessions are fun and I would recommend Uju to everyone.”

“I’ve been having deep tissue massages for 12+ years because of chronic tension. Okey was obviously very experienced and could read every knot and strain in my neck and shoulders. After a thorough deep tissue massage (including some much-needed intense stretches), I was shown some daily exercises to promote further mobility and encouraged to rehabilitate in the gym with shoulder strength and reach.”

“Uju is a remarkable massage therapist. Her treatments are tailor made , and intimately address deep seated tensions and patterns in the body . 

She offers a unique kind of treatment using muscle activation, positional release, and specific deep connective tissue work, Uju expertly custom tailors the treatment to target where your body is holding tension. It’s as if she has X-ray vision, You can feel your joints pop as your muscles and the deep connective tissues release. 

For anyone who has read the Tom Myers book on Anatomy Trains, this is it’s theory in action *** 

As well as a wonderful treatment Uju also considers how you move in every day life, and gives tips and exercises to rebalance any problem patterns you have become accustomed to . 

I will be recommending her to so many customers so if you want to try a session, hurry up before she gets fully booked! ”

“Okey was fantastic, he is very focused on functional sports ability, this was not just a modified swedish massage, I will be booking again!”

“As a trainer and athlete finding a massage therapist who knows the body well and understands movement is really important. Uju is an incredible therapist and has done some amazing work on me and I have recommended her to a lot of my own clients. ”

“Okey was extremely knowledgable about his profession providing an excellent sports massage with accompanying exercises to manage and prevent injuries in the future. Would highly recommend.”

“Uju has a consummate understanding of the musculoskeletal system and soft tissues of the body - aspects I began to investigate when I developed chronic lower back pain. Every time Uju treats me, not only do I feel amazing afterwards, but I understand how it all works a little bit more, including how important it is to improve the mobility of the entire body. She has really helped me to take better care of myself so I can stay flexible and pain free”

“Really great sports massage, Okey knew exactly how to alleviate all of my injuries and tight muscles”

“Great massage. Okey is knowledgeable and had good communication throughout. He gave me a list of some some stretches to do after to maintain the benefits, which is very helpful.”

“Extremely professional and knowledgeable, Okey immediately identified critical areas and offered a treatment to improve awareness on my body. Thank you!”

“Okey was fantastic, he is very focused on functional sports ability, this was not just a modified swedish massage, I will be booking again!”

“Amazing masseur. Really tailored the massage to my needs!”

“Very professional & talked through each massage 10/10”

“Exceptional; really conscientious about his craft, sensitive to small changes, high attention to detail, extremely professional. Have already recommended Okey to several friends and he only left 30 mins ago. Will definitely book again”

“Brilliant massage, Okey asked me exactly what issues I was having and tailored massage to me. Thanks!”

“Attentive, focused and clearly knows how a body works. Great massage, thank you.”

“I highly recommend Okey. Consultative approach and left me with exercises for the future.”

“Best massage ever! Okey was able to find all my troubled spots with a very short assessment. He is great at explaining your problems and he gave me great advice to improve my posture and areas of pain. I definitely recomend him!!”

“Okey was awesome. Super professional and friendly but above all he took the time to think through how my body worked and treat it accordingly. If you’re a musician I would totally recommend his style of sports massage.”

“A really good treatment, and because of recent injury, Okey gave me excercises to do outside the massage time.”

“What an incredible service, full home care, informed advice and fully linked to my lifestyle and fitness plan. I feel great after the massage, and felt very relaxed and comfortable as Okey has such an open friendly manner. I can’t wait to book my next massage.”


Sports Massage