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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a simple, safe and affordable treatment to permanently remove, or significantly reduce, the appearance of permanent tattoos on the skin.

Professional in-clinic tattoo removal is a procedure designed to fade and remove the colour of the tattoo on the skin, whether permanent professional, amateur, or traumatic tattoos, using the latest cutting edge laser technology.

London Tattoo Clinic provides in-clinic consultations, treatments, and support to achieve the best possible tattoo removal results.

All systems are certified with minimum side effects, ensuring a treatment delivered with the utmost care.

Pre Treatment

A consultation is essential prior to taking any laser treatment.

A brief telephone consultation will enable us to assess whether you are eligible for a full consultation and a test patch.

A full consultation will include a detailed, written report, along with a diagnosis of your tattoo. Your concerns are discussed to establish your aims and goals, which enable us to offer you the best treatment plan to suit you.

Test patches of the laser treatment are applied to the area to be treated.  We request that you wait a precautionary period of time to monitor for any skin irritation. Upon satisfactory completion, treatments can proceed.


Skin Condition
The condition of your skin is important.
We are unable to commence laser treatment if the area where you tattoo is located is:
• Inflamed
• Injured (includes bruising, burns or broken skin)
• Has had significant sun/sunbed UV exposure which has resulted in sunburn or tanning
• If you have recently used either fake or gradual tanning products 

It is important that the skin is in its natural state and free from tanning or damage. If any of the above applies, then we would delay the laser treatment procedure for 4 weeks in order for the skin to heal and recover completely.

If in doubt, please apply sun screen protection on the tattoo using a minimum of SPF50 for 4 weeks prior to your appointment to ensure your skin is in its natural condition.

Medical Contra-indications
• Kidney Disease
• Auto Immune Disorders
• Keloid Scaring
• Clients with a history of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation
• Those who are undergoing or who have undergone chemotherapy
• Clients with a history of Skin Cancer
• Undiagnosed lesions
• Weeping acne (on or around the tattoo site)
• Warts (on or around the tattoo site)
• Rosacea (on or around the tattoo site)

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide treatments for Pregnant women (or women who are trying to conceive). If you are currently breastfeeding, we would also advise you to delay your treatment.

Medication Precautions
With some medications you should wait for your prescribed course to end and allow further time to ensure that the medication is out of your system before commencing treatment.

The following medications and remedies are highlighted:
• Antibiotics – wait 4 to 12 weeks
• St John’s Wort – wait 4 to 12 weeks
• Amiodarone – wait 6 months
• Roaccutane - wait 6 to 12 months
• Steroids – wait 6 to 12 weeks

Regular or prescribed use of Aspirin, ibuprofen and Naproxen (Please disclose at your consultation

All clients are required to be over the age of 18 years to be able to be treated. Please note that we may require new clients to verify their age before commencing treatment.

Please contact help@londontattooclinic.co.uk if you would like further guidance or clarification before booking your appointment.

More FAQ’S

What will it involve?

The consultation and treatment provider, ‘London Tattoo Clinic’, use award-winning IPL laser technology to provide safe and effective laser tattoo removal treatments with excellent results.

London Tattoo Clinic is operated by a team of experienced medical and clinical professionals, and qualified Aesthetic Laser Practitioners.

Laser tattoo removal treatments are delivered under well-led, professional, and safe clinical conditions.

A specialist company, who focus solely on laser tattoo removal treatments.

Your practitioner will complete a detailed consultation to establish the type of tattoo which is to be removed, and to ascertain your improvement goals. During this consultation your options will be discussed in detail before any treatment commences, all of which will determine the treatment plan most suited to you.

Before and after treatment, the shade of the tattoo will be assessed and recorded.

Laser tattoo treatment involves applying the laser beam over the treated area for 15-minute sessions.

During the treatment London Tattoo Clinic, leaders in laser tattoo removal, will apply state of the art Cryo along with the laser tattoo removal technology to ensure the most effective, safe, and comfortable treatment.

It is mandatory for the patient and practitioner to wear protective eyewear.

The treatment is completed with the application of a soothing gel.

Before and after treatment, the shade of the tattoo will be assessed and recorded.

How does laser tattoo removal work?
A tattoo is made up of many thousands of particles of ink pigment, suspended deep within the skin tissue (epidermis). These ink pigments in their current state are often too large to be effectively removed naturally by your body’s own immune system.

The laser tattoo removal treatment works by delivering focused pulses of energy at the required wavelength to the site of the tattoo. The wavelength/amount of energy required will depend on the colour(s) of your tattoo and your skin type. These energy pulses pass through the skin and effectively break down the tattoo ink pigments into much smaller particles.

Following a laser tattoo removal treatment, these smaller ink particles become simpler for your body’s immune system to effectively process as a foreign body. Your immune system breaks them down further and gradually removes them over time from your body.

This process leads to a gradual fading of the tattoo after each treatment, followed by the appropriate healing time.

Why have the procedure?
Professional in-clinic tattoo removal is a procedure designed to fade and remove the colour of the tattoo on the skin, using the latest cutting edge laser technology.

This provides a successful procedure to safely remove an unwanted tattoo.

• Permanent professional

• Amateur

• Traumatic tattoos

How many treatments will I need?

The number of laser treatment sessions required to successfully remove a tattoo will vary from person to person. The age of the tattoo, its size and location on your body, your skin type, the colour composition and condition of the tattoo and the depth and density of the pigment used are all important factors.

In general, clients typically require between five to ten laser treatment sessions to achieve the optimal tattoo removal results.

The tattoo fades following each treatment session and clients often experience noticeable fading of their tattoo following just one or two treatment sessions. 

How quickly will I begin to see results?
During a laser treatment procedure, the tattoo pigment is broken down into much smaller particles. In the following weeks these smaller pigment particles are removed naturally by your body’s lymph system, thus reducing the density of the tattoo pigment. This is why it fades.

Clients often experience positive and noticeable fading of their tattoo following just one or two treatment sessions. After each treatment the tattoo will continue to fade until the optimal result is achieved. 

How long will the results last?

Our laser tattoo removal treatments are designed to permanently remove unwanted tattoos. 

Does it hurt?
We use proven laser technology and a well-developed treatment procedure to help minimise the discomfort clients experience during the treatment. Treatments are relatively short 15 minute sessions, and our experienced team ensure clients can effectively manage any discomfort.

London Tattoo Clinic also benefit from using a highly effective skin cooling system (Zimmer Aesthetics Cryo-6) that significantly reduces the levels of discomfort. Whilst perceptions vary from person to person, many clients comment that the procedure is far less uncomfortable than they had expected, that it is very manageable and is comparable to having the tattoo itself.

What are the side effects?
Immediately post treatment the area may feel inflamed and sensitive which lasts generally 24 to 48 hours.

Although the vast majority of clients should not encounter any significant or lasting side-effects, laser treatments, in some rare instances, can lead to side-effects such as scarring and skin discolouration.

How can you minimise such risks?

It is important that you are treated by a professional tattoo removal provider, who uses a proven and well-maintained laser system and follows a clinically tested treatment procedure. 

By carefully following our post-treatment advice and by spacing your appointments correctly, we can minimise the risks associated with the treatment.

London Tattoo Clinic carry out Patch Testing to help confirm your suitability for the treatment and to evaluate how you will respond before any treatment begins. 

Frequently asked questions.
For further information about laser tattoo removal and to read our responses to frequently asked questions please visit: www.londontattooclinic.co.uk/tattoo-removal-free-consultation/

Preparing for your appointment:
For further information about how to best prepare for your laser tattoo removal consultation and treatments please visit: www.londontattooclinic.co.uk/preparing-for-laser-tattoo-removal/

For further information and to book your appointment please visit: www.londontattooclinic.co.uk


Depending on the intensity of the Laser Tattoo Removal treatment, inflammation and swelling may appear in the areas of the skin treated, which can feel sensitive.

It is very important to follow the instructions provided by your practitioner:
• Treat the skin as a hyper-sensitive skin.
• Only use the products advised by your practitioner.
• Keep the area dry.

• Do not cool the area.

• Do not have any heat treatments such as sauna or steam.
• Do not swim or exercise until the skin appears completely calm.

• Do not take any anti-inflammatory medication for the next 72 hours to ensure you receive optimum results.

• DO NOT use Bepanthenol/Bepanthen or anything similar
• Do not rub, wipe or pick the scabs
Take Arnica 6c’ pillules  to treat swelling.
• Do not expose the area treated to the sun. This treatment can bring the risk of the skin developing hyper-pigmentation if exposed to UV light.
Use an SPF 50 daily.


Course x4 sessions
Laser Tattoo Removal
Patch Test
Very Small Tattoo (1cm to 3cm)
Small Tattoo (4cm to 8cm)
Meduim Tattoo (9cm to 15cm)
Large Tattoo (16cm to 21cm)
Major Tattoo (larger than 21cm)
Price upon appraisal
Price upon appraisal


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