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Ashi Point Shiatsu Therapy

The practitioner Wei Wu works the whole body as one system and focuses on preventative therapy, immediate pain-relief and a multitude of physical and psychological conditions, to achieve long-term improvement; combing Cold-Laser Therapy along with Ashi Point Shiatsu Therapy.

Pre Treatment

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What will it involve?
The first session begins with a discussion about your health. This will include any specific problems you have, any conditions and underlying health issues. You can discuss your work, home life, eating habits and exercise patterns. You decide what to talk about and how much, or how little. This takes longer time on your first visit; on subsequent visits less. In later sessions you can focus on any changes that have taken place.
This is followed by the Shiatsu and Pelvic Correction treatment which usually lasts about 45 minutes. After which there will be time to relax and talk about the treatment.

Why have the procedure?
Shiatsu is safe and gentle and can help with most conditions. Combined with controlled and painless Pelvic Correction in this unique therapy, Wei brings pain relief, correction and impact upon the whole body. The key is your discussion and understanding with Wei. As your treatment progresses, you will agree the immediate and longer term outcomes you want to achieve.

Can Ashi Point Shiatsu help with ongoing or incurable conditions?
Yes. Ashi Point Shiatsu will improve, moderate and manage symptoms even if you’ve been told the problem will never go away. Shiatsu will boost tolerance levels and help you deal with the symptoms more easily.
In addition, the combined therapies Wei practices, have the potential to make a fundamental difference to long-term conditions. You can discuss with Wei the medical and therapeutic theories involved in your recovery. It is possible to achieve less pain and better health than you’ve dared to hope for.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?
Ashi Point Shiatsu helps the body’s energy to rebalance itself. If the condition is serious or long-standing, the energy patterns will have become accustomed to being out of balance, and it may take longer to heal. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes improvement is very rapid. Ashi Point Shiatsu is based upon understanding that everyone is different.
Wei advises most clients to plan for an initial course of 6-10 once weekly sessions to ensure the greatest benefit. Wei would expect you to notice some changes right from the first treatment and a considerable improvement by the sixth, especially if you are having weekly treatments.
Wei will discuss with you the best way to maintain the improvements long term, through your self-management, supported by Ashi Point Shiatsu sessions at intervals.

Can I drive after treatment?

Is Ashi Point Shiatsu suitable for children?

After Care

Albert Einstein is believed to have said that the definition of insanity, is doing something over and over again, and expecting a different result. Also meaning, that if you do not change the pattern of your action, you will never get a different result.
Ashi Point Shiatsu, combining Shiatsu treatment with Pelvic Correction and Yuan Shidian Medicine which is the most powerful treatment at present, will relieve pain, discomfort and lack of well-being after just one session.
During a course of treatments, further weekly or fortnightly sessions will continue to enhance effectiveness, but you too must contribute to your own healing.
Wei will discuss with you your lifestyle, diet and exercise routines you must try, so that you will change your lifestyle for the better, then your body will heal itself.


Ashi Point Shiatsu - First consultation & treatment
1 1/2 hrs
Ashi Point Shiatsu - Follow up treatment
1 hr
Ashi Point Shiatsu combined with Cold Laser Therapy
1 - 11/2 hrs
£220.00 - £280.00


Independent Practitioner:
Wei Wu - Aligned Wellness

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Shiatsu equals pain relief for me:
“My neck was giving me a lot of pain. My doctor said it was normal wear and tear – disintegration – and prescribed pain killers. After two or three sessions of Ashi Point Shiatsu I felt more pain relief than I had dared to hope for.
I had read about Shiatsu on the web and in newspapers, and when I saw Wei at the Ruislip Farmers’ Market, though I was skeptical, I decided to try the fifteen-minute trial treatment. Then I went to the Clinic once a week for six weeks and it made so much difference. Now I go once a month and my neck is lots better – fine I’d say.
After my third heart valve operation in December 2012, my doctor said my life would never be the same again. He was right. I had to retire and I take a lot of medication to survive, but Ashi Point Shiatsu relieves my aches and pains and I look forward to every treatment. Wei is so professional and calm, so it’s very relaxing too.
Go with an open mind and give it time,” I’d say. “Shiatsu has improved my life.”
Ian (retired) from Harrow, UK

I was literally as good as new:
“I first contacted Wei for treatment when I had somehow managed to twist my back and end up on the floor, immobile, from terrible lower back pain. I was hunched forward and could not even walk a few steps without help. Within the first treatment, Wei managed to identify that my pelvis had been twisted out of alignment, and she corrected it for me. I walked out with a straight back and able to walk again unaided and with considerably less pain. After a few more sessions I was literally as good as new.
The thing I liked most about Wei’s Shiatsu approach was that she treats the whole body holistically, and endeavours to find the root cause of the problem rather than just treating symptoms. I feel my general wellbeing has improved since visiting Wei, and there is no sign of backache, especially as she has kindly taught me techniques that I can use at home to help myself.”
NV from Harrow, UK

Now I know what being straight and aligned means:
“Wei is a truly gifted practitioner. Series of treatments I received changed my life. Now I know what being straight and aligned mean. I haven’t met anyone like Wei throughout years of receiving different types of bodywork. The great benefits of her treatments come from her heart, compassionate attitude, knowledge, skills and wisdom. I feel privileged to meet her on my way.”
Justyna, Tai Chi teacher and therapist, Poland

I have felt a new surge of energy:
“Suffering from Parkinson’s for more than 5 years, was recommended the Ashi Point Shiatsu which turned out to be beyond my expectations. My tremors have reduced drastically and with a few simple exercises and points to be carried out at home, I have felt a new surge of energy and my tremors have almost gone. Thank you for the treatment Wei.”
Mushin Jaffer, Retired, Harrow – 80 years old

In a one hour session Wei took away my pain:
“I first met Wei 18 months ago when I was suffering from pain in my feet and legs. This was preventing me from walking properly and twisting my pelvis (although I didn’t know this at the time). I was absolutely amazed that in a one hour session Wei took away my pain and I left the session feeling an inch taller, as if I was walking on air. Wei is a sensitive person who quickly understands your problem and then sorts it out! I always leave feeling so much better every time I go.”
Tony B. Management Consultancy, North London

After my first visit with Wei, I noticed a difference instantly:
“I went to Wei last summer while I was in England. I had been suffering with fibromyalgia pain for a few years and tried prescription medications, massage therapy, homeopathy etc. Nothing had really made much difference. After my first visit with Wei, I noticed a difference instantly. She seemed to pinpoint what the problem was right away. What’s more, she really cares about her patients. Since she’s treated me, I have been feeling so much better. The winters are usually the worst for me, and this winter I was functioning and feeling better then I have in years. Thank you Wei!!”
Rubina, Canada 

Psoriasis, recovered: 
Now I am not using any steroids or creams prescribed by the doctors:

I have had psoriasis / eczema (Dr. still can't say which one it is) since my first pregnancy 16 years ago, it's been getting worse and worse every year. Wei started treating me and put me on a routine of exercise and drinking ginger daily and I felt a difference straight away. I am less itchy and my skin is becoming softer. I am also applying the ginger to my skin which really helps. Now I am not using any steroids or creams prescribed by the doctors. 
Thank you

Sabrina, Harrow