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London Tattoo Clinic

London Tattoo Clinic is a specialist provider of laser tattoo removal consultations and treatments.

They use clinically proven techniques and award-winning laser technology to treat clients to achieve unrivalled clearance and reduction of professional, amateur and traumatic tattoos.

London Tattoo Clinic is operated by a team of experienced medical and clinical professionals and qualified Aesthetic Laser Practitioners.

They provide free consultations for clients wishing to explore their suitability for tattoo removal treatments and who seek further advice and guidance.

Tattoo removal treatment prices are dependent on the size of your tattoo. Prices start from just £90.00 per treatment. Clients can also benefit from treatment package options.

Contact Telephone: +44 (0)203 488 1954
Email enquiries: help@londontattooclinic.co.uk
Further information & appointments: www.londontattooclinic.co.uk