Teeth Whitening

'Amazing Smile' Teeth Whitening restores teeth to a natural white smile in less than 1/2 hour, a simple, safe and affordable  treatment !

This is an effective procedure for teeth that have been stained by cigarettes, red wine, tea or coffee. It can also whiten teeth discoloured by medicines, such as tetracycline (antibiotic), or speckled by fluoride.

An arch design lamp head is used to provide the widest irradiation range and the most uniformity of whitening effect. The advanced 6 high-energy blue LED, emit a high intensive cold blue light with an output at 6000 MW/CM2. This cold-light technology activates specially formulated teeth whitening gel, which penetrates deep into the teeth.

One treatment whitens teeth with an average result of 2 to 8 shades on the VITA teeth guide used by dentists.

Most customers find one treatment sufficient, but a further session may be required for further results.

Treatment Anggela - Price
Teeth Whitening 1 session £199.99

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Before & After treatment.



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