Steam & Pore Extraction

A Steam & Pore Extraction can not be carried out until the skin is ex-foliated by either A Fresh Up Light or a  Micro-dermabrasion ex-foliation treatment to lift layers of unwanted dead skin cells and start the skin extraction process.

Commencing one of the above exfoliation methods, a congestion-softening solution is applied under a steam vapour over the skin to loosen blockage in the skin's pores.

We then gently extract the deep blocked pores, blackheads & spots  to improve the skins complexion. If the skin is extremely blocked, several treatments may be necessary to achieve maximum results. Milia can be removed but must be requested upon booking.

Treatment Angela Price Zenab Price
Steam & Pore Extraction - Add on - Only available with a Micro-dermabrasion, Green Peels or Acid Peel - 1/2hr £42.00 £42.00

Oxygen Therapy is ideal after the Steam & Pore Extraction to sooth, heal and hydrate the skin.

Nlite Scar/Open Pore Repair treatment can reduce the size of open pores.

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