Oxygen Therapy

Breathe new life into tired, dull, dehydrated, wrinkled skin with our specialised oxygen therapy machine.

The oxygen therapy works with active ingredients in the serum to:

  • Stimulate oxygen - Plump up tired, sallow skin.
  • Re-energise skin cells - Produce new healthy skin.
  • Reverse free radical damage  - Reverse the signs of ageing.

Overall, it will sooth and hydrated the skin, fine lines are immediately softened, leaving the skin glowing and revitalised. In addition, it offers calming, healing benefits to dry, eczema, acne symptoms and sensitive skin.

Even after one treatment, results are immediately, most visibly apparent!

This is an ideal excellent pre wedding or special occasion facial.

A course of weekly treatments are advised for anti-ageing benefits to the skin as the Oxygen Therapy continues to work long after the treatment and when taken regularly, there is an accumulative effect on the stimulation of cell regeneration. New collagen and elastin cells help to create volume within the bio-matrix of the skin thus plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.

It is advised to take this treatment after exfoliation and free from blockage in the skin's pores.

Treatment Angela - Price
Oxygen Therapy - 1/2hr £52.00

This therapy will compliment all our Skin Care - Laser Skin Care - Medical Aesthetics treatments.

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