Milia Extraction

Milia are often called milk spots or white spots, appear as pearly white bumps under the skin and are found on the face, especially around the eyes.

Milia can be hereditary in some cases, or found on skin with acne symptoms.

More often, the cause is the use of a product that is comodogenic, such as lanolin, synthetic oils, D & C red dyes. These are common ingredients found in many cosmetics and make up.

These ingredients become blocked in a skin pore, which over a period of time, creates its own outer membrane.

The only way milia can be removed is by inserting a lance needle to break through their membranes then gently extracting the pearly matter. It may leave a tiny pin prick mark which tends to disappear within 24 hours; however as some of the milia can be in delicate areas on the face bruising can sometimes occur. It is strongly advisable not to have this procedure if you have important engagements.

We use disposable lance needles for this process.

Treatment Angela - Price Zenab - Price
Milia Extraction - 1/2 hr £52.00 £52.00

Depending on your skin ailments and to achieve optimum results, we can combine this treatment with: Mini Green Peel - Micro-dermabrasion - Steam & Pore Extraction.

Oxygen Therapy is ideal after the Steam and Pore Extraction to sooth, heal and hydrate the skin.

Nlite Scar/Open Pore Repair treatment can reduce the size of open pores.

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