This is a safe and controlled technical method of skin exfoliation, which uses crystals to gently lift and remove dull, dead skin cells, layer by layer.

The gentle vacuum action achieves immediate lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins within the skin’s tissues and improving tired, puffy skin.

After one treatment the skin will instantly become taut, smooth, fresh and bright. Regular treatments stimulate collagen and elastin formation, resulting in a firmer and more rejuvenated skin.

Weekly treatments are highly recommended for more problematic skin concerns.

This course of treatment achieves skin resurfacing benefits and delivers outstanding success in the treatment of:

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Acne & Acne Scars
  • General signs of ageing skin
  • Blackheads - Spots - Pimples
  • Tired looking skin - Poor Circulation
  • Pigmentation - Dark Patches
  • Sun-damage
  • Body damage such as Stretch Marks

Micro-dermabrasion can treat face and body concerns including, ingrown hairs and recent mild stretch marks.

Treatment Practitioner Price
Micro-Dermabrasion - ½ hr Angela Taffinder £52.00
Micro-Dermabrasion + Steam & Pore Extraction - 1hr Angela Taffinder £92.00

Depending on your skin symptoms and to achieve optimum results, this treatment can be combined with:

Steam & Pore Extraction - Oxygen Therapy - Laser Skin Care - Medical Aesthetics treatments.

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