Cosmelan De-pigmentaion

A detailed consultation will establish your skin type, history and the cause of the pigmentation all of which will decide the ammount Cosmelan Treatment Mask applied to the skin and length of time the is left on the skin.

The Cosmelan Treatment Mask is applied at the clinic, however you will need to remove it at home due to the length of time it has to be left on the skin (8 -12 hours). Once you have removed the professional treatment mask then it essential to continue with the homecare products as advised.

There are two options of treatment Cosmelan Peel and Cosmelan Peel Light; the cosmelan Peel is part of the de-pigmentation programme and the skin does visibly peel for some days; the cosmelan Peel Light will micro peel for a day which makes the de-pigmentation process easier to fit in to your busy life.

We successfully treat pigmentation caused from excessive sun exposure, UV artificial light exposure, pigmentation caused by trauma or stress and birthmarks.

This treatment programme achieves skin resurfacing benefits and provides outstanding results in:

  • Dull Uneven Skin Patches
  • Lightening Pigmentation
  • Under Eye Dark Circles
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Tired Looking Skin with Poor Circulation
  • Sun-damage
  • Spots & Pimples

This treatment is suitable for the Face, Neck, Chest and Hands.

Treatment Angela - Price
Cosmelan Peel– Depigmentation. Cosmelan Peel, Post Peel & Cosmelan Cream & Homecare Products £590.00
Cosmelan Peel Light – Depigmentation. No products. £110.00
Cosmelan – Depigmentation. Comelan Cream (Essential for all depigmentation treatments) £155.00

Depending on your skin concerns, we can combine this treatment with the most appropriate of our Skin Care - Laser Skin Care - Medical Aesthetics treatments to achieve optimum results.

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cosmelan_before.jpg     cosmelan_after.jpg

Before Cosmelan Treatment                                 After Cosmelan Treatment

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