Mesotherpy Injections - Cellulite

Mesotherapy is a medical technique which was devised in 1952 by Frenchman Dr Micheal Pister to improve circulation conditions including sports injuries and infections.

Mesotherapy has been subsequently proven to be extremely successful for cellulite, fluid retention, lymphatic drainage, localised fat reduction, skin rejuvenation and also tired eyes.

Mesotherapy involves injecting into the problem area with small amounts of a prepared mixture of vitamins, medicines and other ingredients. The mixture of meso products stimulates fat cells in the skin to break up the network of connective tissue fibres.  The release of excess fat deposits improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the area.

Treatment Single Course
Mesotherapy £153.75 x 10 £1230
From the 4th January VAT has increased by 2.5% and therefore we have appllied 2.5% to all of our current prices.
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