Face, Head & Neck Massage

First we personalise your treatment room by offering you a choice of colours from our mood enhancement light therapy system. The chosen hues and colour tones help to express a specific mood environment, unique to you…

Emporium face, head & neck massage offers you a choice of our custom blend of essential oils, which have the ability to promote mental and physical benefits by stimulating the smell senses and when dissolved through the skin.

Now let the massage begin….

Discover an unbelievable massage experience; deep inhalation of selected essential oils instantly starts the relaxation process.

A combination of our pressure point, lymphatic and stretching massage techniques is applied. Feel the tension found around the jaw, eyes, scalp and in the deep occipital area of the head, simply fade away.

This is an excellent massage which will ease and release a tight, stiff neck and shoulders along with reducing head aches, eye stain and tight jaws.

This treatment will bring about a balanced, focused state of mind.

Time Angela - Price Zenab - Price
½ hr £49.00 £40.00
1hr £85.00 £65.00

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