Massage & Spa

Our range of massage and well-being treatments can bring about relief from stress induced ailments.

It is our aim to ensure that we meet your needs, whether it is a stress reducing, relaxing, soothing massage or a stimulating, energising experience that you require. We believe that creating the right environment exclusively for you is equally important as the massage itself.

First we personalise your treatment room by offering you a choice of colours from our unique mood enhancement light therapy system as specific colours of light can encourage a specific mood that suits you…

Then we offer you a choice of our custom blend of essential oils which have the ability to promote mental and physical benefits through the sense of smell and via the skin.

Our signature massage treatments apply Swedish, Neuro-muscular, Pressure Point and Lymphatic techniques to ensure that we create a massage treatment to suit your specific requirements, whether it be deep muscular, stress relieving or therapeutic.

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