Nlite Wart Removal

This revolutionary, non-invasive direct laser device is programmed to destroy and breakdown wart lesions on the skin and veruca on the feet.

Immediately after the laser application, red spotted bruising will appear over the treated area of the skin.  This is normal and a part of the skin’s defence system to deal with the destruction and removal of the lesion.

The healing process can vary from 10 to 28 days, depending on the size of the lesion and location on the face or body, and the intensity of application.

Several treatments may be required to remove larger wart and veruca lesions.

Laser consultation is essential, prior to taking any of the laser treatments.

It is imperative to follow our strict after care guidelines.

Area Price
Each Wart Area & Test Patch £61.50
From the 4th January VAT has increased by 2.5% and therefore we have appllied 2.5% to all of our current prices.

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