Waxing Hair Removal - Women

Waxing is a temporary hair removal method, we use 'Strip Wax'' to epilate the hair from the follicle, which lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.

For best results, ensure that the hair is approximately ½ cm in length when you arrive for your treatment. Exfoliate the area regularly at home, in between treatments and apply the emporium ‘Post Wax’ essential oil blend, this will remove any dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs, thereby promoting silky smooth skin.

Area Zenab - Pices
Upper Lip £10.00
Chin £10.00
Upper Lip & Chin £17.00
Eye Brow £10.00
Cheeks £10.00
Under Arms £10.00
Front Of Neck £15.00
Small Back £15.00
Extended Back £20.00
Upper Arms £15.00
Forearms £15.00
¾ Arms £20.00
Full Arms £23.00
Buttocks £20.00
Standard Bikini £15.00
High Bikini Currently Not Available
String Bikini Currently Not Available
Brazillian Currently Not Available
Hollywood Currently Not Available
Lower Legs £20.00
Upper Legs £23.00
¾ Legs £27.00
Full Legs £30.00
Hands Or Feet £15.00

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