Anti-Cellulite Massage

This is an extremely powerful massage treatment for the legs and buttocks to aid the breakdown of cellulite and the removal of toxic fluid in the skin's tissues.

We apply the emporium custom blend of essential oils, designed specifically to combat the toxic waste along with a combination of deep tissue and lymphatic massage techniques to smooth skin's tissues and eliminate cellulite. The deep pressure works to assist to flatten, even out and break up the cellulite deposits and the lymphatic work will drain and dispose of the unwanted toxins from the skin’s tissue via the lymphatic circulation and kidneys. These powerful applications can cause bruising,  also a discomfort can be experienced near the lymph nodes and kidney region;  however, these will diminish within a few days.


This makes for an ideal treatment if lymphatic circulation is poor, thickend fibres bind to the collagen that runs through your fat cells resulting in thick strands that apply pressure to the fat. As the fat bulges upward, it creates a cottage cheese-like effect.

Our Anti-cellulite Massage can improve circulation and blood flow to troubled areas, therefore preventing the formation of cellulite.

After one treatment, the skin will appear firmer and smoother and the appearance of cellulite will be greatly improved; however, a course of treatments taken regularly combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet will achieve maximum benefits.

For long term established cellulite we would suggest the medical Mesotherapy alon side the Anti-cellulite Massage.

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Treatment Time Angela - Price
Anti-Cellulite Massage 1/2hr £49.00

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