Body Sculpting

Stress, over-working, eating on the go and having no time to exercise, affects our bodies in a number of ways.

Toxins start to build up in the body, which puts strain on the lymphatic system. As a result, they create a soft, fatty build up, usually around the stomach, hips, bottom, thighs and back of the arms. Women start to develop cellulite on the legs and bottom. Men display exaggerated stomachs.

Long term poor diet and lifestyle can bring about increasing weight gain, which develops into hard fat and out of proportion body areas. Lack of exercise leads to poor muscle tone.

We endeavor to advise you about the best way to introduce some physical and relaxing activities along with diet advice.

By following our guidance, and introducing some of our Body Sculpting treatments that are complementary to each other, we can ensure that we devise a full body package to target your ailments.

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