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Wellness & Massage Consultation

An analysis and consultation is required prior to any of our Wellness & Massage treatments.

A specialist practitioner will complete a detailed assessment and consultation to establish your concerns, all of which will enable them to create the best treatment program to enable you to reach your improvement goals.

Our many years of experience provide the knowledge to advise you on the best way to introduce some physical and relaxing activities, along with lifestyle and diet advice, and to monitor results to attain your improvement goals.

We offer personalised programmes, tailored to suit individual lifestyle needs.

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Today's ‘on the go’ lifestyle, together with exposure to toxins, pollutions, stressful environments, exercise and elite sports, make increasingly heavy demands on our bodies.

Long term exposure to these elements prevents the body from functioning at peak performance, and a minor ailment can develop into tomorrow's chronic debilitating illness.

Our clinic appreciates the need for personal wellness and offers a diverse range of treatments and therapies, which can improve many ailments such as back problems, aches and pains, energy levels, mood, behavior, and the ability to cope with life's demands and stresses.

We can assist you to achieve optimum health for the body and mind.

We treat:
•    Aches & Pains
•    Muscle Tension
•    Sports Injury
•    Sciatica
•    Headache
•    Stress
•    Anxiety
•    Low Mood
•    Erratic Behavior
•    Bowel & Colon concerns
•    Insomnia
•    Pre-menstrual concerns
•    or – if you simply wish to maintain a healthy balanced body & mind

Men specific
All of our Wellness & Massage treatments are suitable for men.

We do provide men’s paper pants to wear during the Massage treatments. However bring a pair of comfortable pants to wear if you prefer.


Wellness & Massage Consultation
15 -30 mins
Free With A Treatment