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Universal Contour Body Wrap

The Universal Contour Body Wrap has remained our most popular figure improvement treatment for over 20 years.
A guarantee of 6’’ will be lost on your first full wrap. Our client’s average inch loss is between 8” to 10” on their first full wrap. It provides incredible instant inch loss results and unique inch loss guarantee.
Excellent results are achieved in reducing bloating, out of proportion areas of the body such as hips (muffin tops), thighs, inner knee, waist, stomach and chin.

Pre Treatment

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More FAQ’S

What will it involve?
Your practitioner will complete a detailed consultation to establish your figure improvement goals, all of which will determine the optimum treatment program to suit you.
Commencing a full body pre-treatment measuring process (optional) the treatment begins.
The wrapping of the warm, mineral enriched bandages are applied around the entire body using a specific technique. Then you simply lie and relax in a warm foil blanket as the treatment process takes place.
The bandages compress the soft tissue, lift and shape the body and flatten bulges, the mineral clay solution cleanses and purges the body of toxins that are stored between the fat cells.
After 1 hour the procedure is reversed, the skin is gently cleansed to reveal a smoother firmer figure with a guarantee of 6’’ lost on your first full wrap.

Why have the procedure?
An excellent treatment which will guarantee you:
•    Immediate 6” loss lasting up to 1 month
•    Exfoliate, cleanse and smooth your skin
•    Detoxify your entire body
•    Reducing bloating
•    Tighten loose skin tissue especially after weight loss and giving birth
•    Reduce the appearance of cellulite
•    Reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Does it hurt?
The Universal Contour body Wrap is warm and relaxing. However you may experience being cool for a short time during the unwrapping process. Care is taken to make it as warm as possible.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?
After one treatment, the body will instantly appear more svelte and contoured, and the skin will appear smoother and firmer.
For optimum results a course of three wraps taken seven to ten days apart should be combined with a healthier lifestyle and diet.

How quickly will I see the results?
After one treatment, the body will instantly appear more svelte and contoured, and the skin will appear smoother and firmer.
It is common for our clients to drop a dress size following these guidelines.

How long will the results last?
Once the desired results are achieved they can be sustained with maintenance top up treatments, a healthier diet and lifestyle. However this also will depend on you maintaining your weight. Excess weight will over time turn into excess fat and toxins which will accumulate in the body.


The mineral clay can carry on working in the lymphatic system for up to 3 days post treatment. For best results avoid heat treatments, hot baths and swimming for 72 hours.
It is imperative to drink at least 2 liters of water daily whilst undertaking the course of treatments to safely flush out the excess toxins and avoid irritation to the lymphatic system and kidneys.
The treatment, combined with a healthier eating plan and exercise will speed the process of toxin elimination.
For a healthier, firmer skin on your body your skin care practitioner can guide you with a personlised home care skin regime.
The application of an SPF when exposing your body to UV can prevent long term skin damage.


Universal Contour Body Wrap - without measurements
Universal Contour Body Wrap - with measurements


Emporium Practitioners:
Angela Taffinder - Senior Aesthetician
Elisabetta Iannelli - Senior Aesthetician

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