Thread Veins, Milia & Skin Tags

Thread Veins. Almost all of us will suffer from thread veins in our lives, these small red and blue veins are harmless but can have a very ageing and unsightly effect on the skin.  They are most often found on the face, back and legs are commonly referred to as spider veins, red veins or thread veins.

There is no known cause for Thread Veins although as the skin ages and thins they become more visible, sun damage, hormones, high blood pressure and smoking can all worsen the condition.

Luckily these veins are relatively easy to treat on any part of the body and you are likely to see a 70% reduction on the first treatment.  You may experience a little redness following the treatment although this will subside within 24 hours and you can resume normal activities immediately.


Milia are very small, white or yellowish bumps most often seen around the cheeks, nose, eyes forehead and chest and are tiny cysts filled with the protein, Keratin. They are often found in groups and are harmless.

There are usually two ways to treat Milia, the most common is extraction where the tip of the Milia is lanced and the contents extracted.  The second is using advanced electrolysis to effectively burn the Milia off.  Both of these treatments are painless and you will be able to return to normal activities immediately.


Skin Tags are small, skin coloured growths that look a little like warts but are not viral. They tend to grow in skin folds or where there is friction such as the underarm, neck or groin.  Skin tags are more common if you are pregnant, obese or have type 2 diabetes.

Skin tags can be left untreated as they are harmless but people will often want them removed as the tag can catch on jewellery or clothing which or simply to improve appearance.

Skin tags are easily removed in one session using cauterisation.


Cherry Angiomas, also referred to as blood spots, senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots.  They usually occur from your early 30’s and are caused by a small blood vessel, they are mostly found on the torso and are round, smooth and bright red in colour.

They can be left untreated as they are harmless but people will often want to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

Treating Cherry Angiomas is very quick, extremely effective and painless using electrolysis.

We do suggest that you speak to your GP if you see any changes to the shape, colour or texture of the angioma.

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