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Permanent Make Up Consultation

A consultation is essential prior to taking any of the Permanent Make-Up treatments.

A brief telephone consultation will enable us to assess whether you are eligible for a full consultation and a test patch.

A full consultation will include a detailed, written report, along with assessing your concerns. Your concerns are discussed to establish your aims and goals which enable us to offer the best treatment to suit you.

Test patches of the chosen treatment are applied to the skin behind the ear.  We request that you wait a precautionary period of 24 hours to monitor for any skin irritation. Upon satisfactory completion, treatments can proceed.

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The thickness and condition of your eyebrows and lashes can be affected by many things such as hormonal changes, stress and ill health, as well as over-plucking brows and over use of lash extensions.

Our Permanent Make-Up treatments ensure that we can successfully improve and enhance the definition and appearance of the eyes and lips to suit your individual needs and looks 24/7.

Using organic pigments and cosmetic tattooing we can create amazing results, lasting up to 18 months before further top ups are needed.

If you would like to wake up each day looking and feeling ready to start the day, without the added stresses and time consuming effort of make up to add to an already busy day, then Semi-Permanent Make-Up treatments is for you…

Treatments we povide:
•    Eyeliner
•    Eyebrows
•    Lip Line
•    Lip Blush

Men specific
Eyeliner is a popular treatment for men.


Permanent Make Up Consultation
30 mins
£50 Deposit – redeemable against a treatment