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Nlite Open Pore & Scar Repair

Nlite laser remains one of the most technologically advanced skin treatments available.
For over a decade, our clinic has used this revolutionary non-invasive direct laser to successfully stimulate the production of natural collagen within the skin by up to 80%.
The light energy selectively targets dermal structures, without causing damage to the surface, whereby it can be ‘tricked’ into producing new collagen in response to the perceived injury.
This process can successfully reduce acne scars and open pores along with fine lines and wrinkles.

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More FAQ’S

What will it involve?
For optimum skin improvement Nlite laser is best taken after an exfoliation treatment, such as a Micro-DermabrasionFresh Up Light or an Acid Skin Peel along with Steam & Pore Extraction to lift layers of unwanted dead skin cells and remove skin blockage to improve the surface of the skin. Nlite Laser treatment will respond to the deeper layers of the skin.
Your skin care practitioner will complete a detailed consultation to establish your skin type, condition, and your skin care improvement goals, all of which will determine the most suitable treatment and planning to suit you.
A Laser consultation is essential prior to taking any of the laser treatments.
Commencing a pre-exfoliation treatment, or simply a cleanse if you opt out of the pre exfoliation treatment, the Nlite laser is applied.
The Nlite laser energy is delivered to the skin, stimulating new collagen and elastin to the reconstruction of the matrix in the deeper layers of the skin, and plumping out acne scars and open pores, along with fine lines and wrinkles.


Why have the procedure?
Nlite laser is ideal for all skin types and ethnic origins up to skin type 4.
This treatment is suitable for the Face, Neck, Chest and Back and produces outstanding results in the treatment of:

•    Acne Scars
•    Open Pores
•    Fine Lines & Wrinkles
•    Skin Redness
•    or simply maintain a clear healthy skin.

Does it hurt?
Generally no pain is felt. However you may experience some heat discomfort when the Nlite laser is placed over some areas of the skin. Care is taken to make it as comfortable as possible.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?
A course of 3 to 5 treatments taken every 2 to 4 weeks is advised to achieve results and provide longevity of the skin results.

How quickly will I see the results?
You will see results immediately after a single treatment and progressively over a series of treatments, as the new collagen and elastin molecules mature into a well organised matrix in the dermal layer of the skin, increasing volume from within the skin, plumping out open pores, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, along with overall improvements in skin tone, sun-damage and ageing skin.

How long will the results last?
Commencing a course of treatments the results can last; however this depends on many factors such as; how one cares for their skin post treatment, the severity of one’s natural oil production, diet, stress, hormone influence, lifestyle and ageing.


Depending on the intensity of the treatment red dotted bruising may appear in some areas of the skin treated and can feel sensitive post Nlite Laser. Treat the skin as a sensitive skin, avoid exposure to the sun and heat treatments for 72 hours or until the skin completely appears calm.
Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medication for the next 72 hours to ensure you receive optimum result to injury.
For a healthier skin your skin care practitioner will guide you with a personlised home care skin regime.
Use an SPF daily.


Nlite Open Pore & Scar Repair
1/2 hr


Emporium Practitioners:
Angela Taffinder - Senior Aesthetician



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