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Laser Skin Care Consultation

A Laser consultation is essential prior to taking any of the laser treatments.

A brief telephone consultation will enable us to assess whether you are eligible for a full consultation and a test patch.

A full consultation will include a detailed, written report, along with a diagnosis of your skin type. Your concerns are discussed to establish your aims and goals, which enable us to offer you the best treatment plan to suit you.

Test patches of the chosen laser treatment intensities are applied to the area to be treated.  We request that you wait a precautionary period of time to monitor for any skin irritation. Upon satisfactory completion, treatments can proceed.

More F & Q’s

The condition of your skin can be affected by many things, such as hormonal changes and stress that can cause various acne symptoms and skin irritations.

Over exposure to UV light, poor diet, alcohol and smoking will cause free radical damage to the skin cells which can lead to a loss of moisture and the break-down of elastin and collagen in the skin, all of which promotes premature ageing, the formation of lines, wrinkles, and sun-damage.

Skin type we treat:
Nlite laser and Chromolite IPL treatments are ideal for all skin types and ethnic origins up to skin type 4. The consultation will establish this for you.

Skin conditions we treat:
These treatments can be suitable for the Face, Neck, Chest and Back and produces outstanding results for many common skin ailments and repair signs of damage such as:

•    Breakouts
•    Spots & Pimples
•    Acne Symptoms
•    Oily Skin                                          
•    Acne Scars                            
•    Sun-damage
•    Fine Lines
•    Wrinkles
•    Sensitive skin
•    Skin Redness

Men specific
All of our Laser Skin treatments are suitable for men’s skin. Shaving is advised prior to the area treated.


Laser Skin consultation
15 mins
Laser Skin consultation
15 mins
Or Free With A Treatment