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Medical Aesthetic Consultation

A consultation is essential prior to taking any of the Medical Aesthetic treatments.

A brief telephone consultation will enable us to assess whether you are eligible for a full consultation.

A full consultation will include a detailed, written report, along with a diagnosis of your concerns. Your concerns are discussed to establish your aims and goals, which enable us to offer you the best treatment plan to suit you.

Commencing a treatment we request that you wait a period of time to allow the procedure to settle. After a period of approximately two weeks the medical practitioner will request to monitor the results, and top up the treatment if required.

More F & Q’s

The ageing of your skin is inevitable as you get older. However premature ageing can be caused by many things.

Over exposure to UV light, poor diet, alcohol and smoking, hormonal changes, and even stress will cause free radical damage to the skin cells, which can lead to a loss of moisture and the break-down of elastin and collagen in the skin, all of which promotes premature ageing, the formation of lines, wrinkles, loss of muscle tone, and loss of volume in the face and lips.

We treat:
Face, Neck, Lips, Eyes, Chest, Hands, Under Arms, Feet
•    Fine Lines
•    Wrinkles
•    Lose Skin Tone                                       
•    Jowls
•    Crows Feet
•    Loss of volume in the face & lips
•    Loss of lip line definition

•    Heavy Eyelids
•    Loss of hair
•    Excessive Sweating

Men specific
All of our Medical Aesthetic treatments are suitable for men’s skin. Shaving is advised prior to the area treated.


Medical Aesthetics Consultation & Analysis
15 mins
Medical Aesthetics Consultation & Analysis
15 mins
Or Free With A Treatment