Bespoke Back Cleanse

Does your back appear spotty, uneven in colour and can you feel lumps and bumps to the touch?
Then let our skin care practitioner create a tailor-made back treatment to suit your skin’s requirements, with emphasis on deep cleansing.

More FAQ’S

What will it involve?
Your skin care practitioner will complete a thorough consultation to establish your skin care goals and create a treatment using some of the following:
The Fresh Up Light exfoliates the skin using a blend of natural herbs; the powerful herbal properties promote an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on active spots.
The Micro-Dermabrasion exfoliates and polishes the skin smoothing away dry dull skin along with dried spots.
Acid Peel Mist loosens dead skin cells, which aids the removal of deep pore blockage.
Steam & Pore Extraction removes blackheads, whiteheads, spots and milia.

Why have the procedure?
To Improve all skin conditions from acne symptoms, dry to uneven looking skin. The intensity can also be increased and adapted as a skin resurfacing treatment or to simply maintain a clear healthy skin.
•    Clear unwanted lumps and bumps.
•    Achieve instant skin smoothness.
•    Reduce dark patches and improve dull skin.
•    This is an ideal treatment in preparation to wearing a low back dress.

Does it hurt?
This treatment is generally painless however as each individual has a varied pain threshold some discomfort may be experienced during the extraction; care is taken to make it as comfortable as possible.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?
Your skin care practitioner will endeavor to treat your skin concerns as much as possible in a single treatment. However depending on your skin condition and your skin goals you may need a course of 3 to 5 treatments to achieve desired results.

How quickly will I see the results?
You will see some results immediately after a single treatment and progressively after each session during a course of treatments.

How long will the results last?
Commencing a single treatment the skin will appear clearer and brighter for several weeks and up to several months following a course of treatments. However this depends on many factors such as how one cares for one’s skin post treatment, the severity of one’s natural oil production, diet, stress, hormone influences and lifestyle.


The skin may appear red and feel sensitive post treatment.
Treat the skin as a sensitive skin, avoid exposure to the sun, heat treatments and swimming for 24 hours or until the skin completely appears calm.
For a healthier skin our skin care practitioner will guide you with a personlised home care skin regime.
Use an SPF Daily.


Single Price
Bespoke Back Cleanse
1 hr

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What other treatments compliment this treatment?

Nlite Laser, Micro-needle Dermaroller, Cosmelan Peel, Green Peel, 3D SkinMed treatments


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Angela Taffinder - Senior Aesthetician & Clinic Founder

Elisabetta Iannelli - Senior Aesthetician

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