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Bespoke Eye Treatment

We combine the most appropriate form of skin resurfacing, toning and hydration therapy to suit this delicate area.

Our focus is to promote instant skin brightness, improve dull, dark circles under the eyes, reduce puffy eyes and smooth out fine lines.

Instant results are experienced through working the muscle around the eye, which lifts the brows and creates a wide-eyed effect.

More FAQ’S

Why have the procedure?
It is an ideal non-invasive treatment to:
•    Create a subtle brow lift
•    Reduces the fine lines around the eye area.
•    Improve dark circles under the eyes
•    Reduce puffy eyes
•    Provide an overall improvement of tired looking eyes.

Does it hurt?
The procedure does not hurt; however being such a delicate area great care is applied.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?
A Single treatment will achieve the brighter affect.
The results are progressive if a series of 3 treatments are taken in 1 to 2 week intervals.

How quickly will I see the results?
You will see some results a few weeks after a single treatment and progressively after each session.

How long will the results last?
A single treatment can last up to 2 weeks depending on one’s skin care regime and lifestyle.


Your skin care practitioner will guide you with a personlised homecare skin regime.


Bespoke Eye Treatment

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