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Treatment Environment

We believe in creating a personalised treatment environment to complement each individual by engaging with all of your five senses.

Taste – herbal infusions will commence your treatment from relaxing chamomile, detoxifying nettle to cleansing lemon and ginger.

Sight – our mood enhancement light therapy offers various colours:
•    Red –  increases motivation and circulation.
•    Orange – helps lethargy and low energy levels.
•    Yellow – stimulates movement and mental activity.
•    Green – helps calm and relax, balancing nerves and emotions.
•    Violet  – is a powerful sedative, deeply relaxing and inspirational.

Scent – our sense of smell is a unique system. We diffuse essential oils to ensure that their properties work with your physical and emotional being.
Sound – Sound waves absorbed in the inner ear enhance hearing. Music in particular can help us to relax or even stimulate your mood.

Touch – The skin is a truly tactile organ, and receives messages and communications through the sense of touch. All of our treatments incorporate some aspect of touch whether it is a rhythmical calming, facial cleanse or an invigorating, mineral salt body scrub.

Refreshments are available and complimentary with your treatment.
Herbal infusions:
•    Relaxing – chamomile
•    Detoxifying – nettle
•    Cleansing – lemon and ginger
•    Soothing – peppermint
•    Diuretic – fennel
Water – is essential for a healthy life.