Dr Svitlana Tattum

My name is Dr. Lana Tattum and I am a professional in medicine. During the last 20 years, I have worked in the NHS, as a doctor - dedicating my career to help people. I have now embarked on a new path to make you feel happier and more confident in your own body!

As we get older, we gain more life experience and become more sure of ourselves and our purpose in life. But as time passes, we also inherit some non-desirable attributes such as wrinkles, loose skin and gain extra pounds challenging our self confidence and how we feel in our body.

Luckily we now have technology to slow down the ageing process. I want to make these developments available to you and ensure you regain your body confidence, regardless of age.

Our clinic will offer you a wide range of non-invasive, low risk procedures that will help you look and feel younger. We specialise in body sculpting, vaginal rejuvenation and injectable treatments to ensure you have visible effects and leave our clinic feeling fabulous.

Have a look through the treatments and book a consultation to find out more about us, with no obligation to commit to any of our procedures (unless you want to of course). You might even learn more about what can be possible and reverse the damage caused by our environment and age. My mission is to make you more confident in your body regardless of your age. I keep everyone guessing mine!

MBBS 1992,  Anesthetist and Specialist in Acute Medicine bringing all her knowledge with 20 years of clinical experience and creative approach  to Aesthetics.

Perfectionist, treating facial aesthetics and body contouring creatively with results.

Specialist in rejuvenation,of intimate areas in women. relieving urinary and stress incontinence. 

Prices are listed on the Medical Aesthetic Treatments List.

Contact on: 07876560117 or website:idealu.co.uk

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