Independent practitioners work closely at the hub of 'Emporium Treatment Clinic' to feature an extensive and innovative range of treatments designed to suit each individual.

Specialising in medical aesthetic treatments, skincare, laser treatments, figure improvement, health and wellness.

Angela Taffinder -  Expert in Skin Care & Aesthetic Treatments - Figure Improvement - Deep Tissue Massage - (Women & Men) - 09730661971

Elisabetta Iannelli - Assistant to Angela; expert in Skin Care & Aesthetic Treatments - Figure Improvement - Exercise & Pilates - (Women & Men)

Dr. Lana Tattum - Expert in Medical Aesthetic Treatments; in particular rejuvenation of intimate areas in women. relieving urinary and stress incontinence - 07876560117

Zenab Murad (Soly Ceuticals) - Skin Care - Waxing - Electrolysis - Beauty - Relaxing Massage - (Women only) - 07501437259

Kieran Lowe  - Osteopath & Sports Rehabilitation; solving musculoskeletal problems along with a range of aches and pains treat through hands-on treatment and self-care exercise and stretches - (Women & Men) - 07970178027

Wei Felber - Shiatsu treatment is a hands-on, pain-relieving and healing therapy - (Women & Men) - 07503171377

Iain Ward - Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy Treatments are not just for sports people,  but for everyone who wants to maintain good posture, and great movement. - - (Women & Men) -

Stephanie Wright - Chiropractor - Acupuncture - (Women & Men) - 07930661971

Please note that each independent company/practitioner hold their own insurance policy.

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