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Kieran Lowe

Kieran Lowe
Osteopath and Sports Rehabilitator

Kieran has been working within healthcare for over 11 years where he has supported elite and amateur level athletes in the UK and abroad.
More recently Kieran has been working with ergonomic specialists based within a range of office based locations across London.

With this Kieran treats a range of people sporty or not with the aim of managing pain in the short term but ensuring his patients know how to prevent the problem from returning.

‘Pain and its management starts off with prevention. Trying to keep our bodies moving and healthy can be tough; but it is important to find something enjoyable and consistent to do. If pain does appear trying to find the cause is more important than treating the sore area. The combination of my studies has created a unique approach to treatment where cause and prevention are just as important as treating where it hurts.’

Kieran grew up with a bike attached to one foot and a football to another.
However, since moving to London he has been involved with a range of sports and is now focusing on the world of Triathlon, climbing and the occasional outbreak of golf.

Osteopath & Sports Rehabilitation; solving musculoskeletal problems along with a range of aches and pains treat through hands-on treatment and self-care exercise and stretches – For Women & Men

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