Press & Testimonials

For 25 years, emporium has been a trusted and reliable source, via various public media, of awareness and key information relating to skin care, health, slimming and well-being.

We have experienced lots of different ways of effectively demonstrating treatments, from Micro-dermabrasion on GM TV to teaching celebrities to do a Universal Contour Wrap on ‘I’m A Celebrity Beauty Therapist’ TV show.

Emporium’s recognised skill and expertise has led us to have been officially appointed by both founders of Universal Contour Body Wrap and Crystal Clear Micro-dermabrasion and Oxygen Therapy, to provide these treatments to the many press sources and high-profile media celebrities.

Here are a few quotes regarding Emporium:

  • This instant treatment can shift inches and make you appear toned”
    Evening Standard – December 2007 - (Click pdf file for more information)
  • “My grey lined skin appeared fresh and healthy and I looked 5 years younger”
    “I lost 11 inches overall and my skin felt more toned”
    Rates Emporium 10/10 In The Know Quick Fixes – April 2007 - (Click pdf file for more information)
  • Amanda Barrie’s Diet Diary




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