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About Emporium Treatment Clinic

We can all relate to the ‘Hectic Lifestyle’ of being stressed, over-worked, eating on the go, having no time to exercise – and no time to allow our bodies to relax properly, alone, or with loved ones, family or friends.

Unfortunately, a ‘Hectic Lifestyle’ causes stress and hormonal imbalance, all of which affect our bodies in various ways such as skin ailments, becoming overweight or just being out of shape, back problems, ill health, not to mention, speeding up the ageing process!

The clinic recognises the need for effective treatments and therapies, whatever limited time you might have to spare.

We specialise in providing an extensive and innovative range of treatments and therapies to help individuals look and feel good.

We have a preventative and result oriented approach, combining the latest technology, holistic and cosmecutical procedures.

Our genuine concern for our clients is our abiding principle.

Discover the versatility of emporium, for yourself.